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Feb 22, 2021
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Bulletin for February 8, 2021

***Until further notice, meetings will be online via ZOOM, instructions and password will be sent prior to each meeting. Contact Phyllis at if you would like to join us***

Regular Meeting - February 8 , 2021
Members in attendance Louise, Sandy, Sarah, Phyllis, Dale, Madiha, Doug, Saba, Tom, Archie, Claudia, and Zamal
Guests - Shankara Rao, Anwar Ahmed and DGN Sandhya Maini

Dress theme for next meeting is BLACK, come dressed in your best BLACK tops!!!

Speaker - DGN Sandhya Maini
DGN Sandhya is a Past President of the Burlington North Club, a multiple Paul Harris recipient, and is currently Director of Training in our District. She will be our District Governor in 2022-2023.

Sandhya's presentation to us is on Modern Agile - "A flexible and adaptive way of working and thinking that encourages an obsession with people, learning and continuous improvement to help you deliver value".
According to Sandhya, there are 4 parts to this module:
1. Making People Awesome - figure out what's holding them back and make essential changes to help them achieve awesome results.

2. Deliver Value Continuously - start and make incremental changes and improvements.
3. Make Safety a Prerequisite - protect people's time, information, reputation, money, health and relationship.
4. Experiment and Learn Rapidly - create an environment that promotes of learning blamelessly from failures.

Thank you so much for giving us such an informative presentation Sandhya, we really learned a great deal and this will be an excellent tool to use in running our Rotary club as well as in our professional life.


Club Speaker Duties
Sandy       February 8 and 22
Madiha      March 8 and 22
Jonathan   April 12 and 26
Archie       May 10 and 31
Tom          June 14 and 28

Announcements & Happenings
1) Happy Dates for February -  Happy Anniversary to Jonathan and Alexis.

2) Next Social - Sarah has sent out information, please join us on February 15 for our Valentine Social.

3) Upcoming dates of importance - 
April 17-24 - Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup.
May 29 - D7080 Virtual Conference

4) Dixie Cup - The Dixie Cup is based on attendance at our regular meetings. For each quarter, all members who made 100% attendance will have their names in a draw, the successful winner will be able to use $200 from our Fundraising Account towards a Registered Charity of his or her choice. At the end of the year, any member who made the highest percentage will be the winner of the Cup for one year.
Congratulations to Phyllis for winning the quarter October - December.
Next Meeting - February 22, 2021
Members from our Interact Club at Glenforest Secondary School