Our speaker was Mike Nickerson.

Mike has spent 35 years studying cultural evolution and communicating the sustainability message. His writings include "Bakavi; Change the World I want to stay on" (1977), "Lets talk about sustainability" (1987), "Planning for Seven Generations" (1993) and the newly released "Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if we want to stay:

There are now enough people on earth to disrupt the planet. e.g at one time there were cod everywhere off the East Coast, now the cod industry has collapsed because there was no attention being paid to the fish stock. We are doing the same to forests, fossil fuels and water.

In the early 1980s, acid rain was the big issue of the day. There was enough public outcry to pass laws both here and in the USA to reduce the emissions into the air, thus reducing acid rain. However, we now have twice as many sources and therefore have almost as much acid rain.

Mike also spoke of financial sustainability - The foundation of the current recession was laid on August 15 1971 when President Richard Nixon severed the connection between money & gold. After 911 President Bush said "Americans are under attack, get together with your families and shop". People had suddently stopped shopping. People didn't begin shopping,  so interest rates were lowered to almost nothing in hopes people would borrow money. When this did not work mortgages were offered with no downpayment, no employment. This was OK until  oil prices increased inflation and interest rates were raised. People could not afford their mortgage payments and the recession began.

Mike tells us we need to enjoy life to be truly satisfied. We can get a small thrill from buying things, but cannot get the satisfaction that a true friendship can give us.