A membership night was held in Tom's office boardroom.

Our members introduced themselves and said how many years they had been in Rotary. Guests then introduced themselves. Past DG Norm Bindon talked about helping to build a school and helping at a leper colony with Rotary .

President Halle described Rotary and we watched a Rotary video.

Past DG Syd Harmon talked about moving into a new area and becoming part of the community through Rotary. Rotary is also an opportunity for high school students who can earn some of their volunteer hours through Rotary. Syd also talked about making up in other countries , helping in other areas in the world and locally through Rotary. Our question to others who we feel would make good Rotarians should be "do you eat dinner on Monday"

The highlight of the night was the induction of our newest member, Julian D'Souza by Past DG Norm Bindon.