Our speaker was Mona Jai, President of the Interact Club at Glenforest Secondary School. Interact is RI's service club for young people ages 12-18. Interact clubs are self-governing and self-supporting, but are sponsored by individual Rotary Clubs. The Mississauga Dixie club sponsors the Interact Club at Glenforest.

Ths club currently has 20 regular members, with another 10  students who help out with projects. The members are mostly grade 10s and 11s. The Club is in its second year, and at the end of the first year, because many of the students were in Grade 12, they lost 10 members.

Because the students and teachers were being inundated with causes, the school put in a policy that the student body decides on a cause to support at the beginning of the year.  The two causes for this year are Creation of Hope and Tomai for Tomorrow. Tomai is Swahili for "Hope".

The Interact club currently has an Executive Council of 4 members, but will be adding more for next year.

In April they hold an Easter Egg activity, collaberating with the Athletic Club. They are currently raising funds through selling coffee beans. They have partnered with the Second Cup in Streetsville for this. They help with the Lobsterfest every year.


 The Club meets after school every Tuesday (3.15pm). Their meetings start with an activity or with someone bringing up a newspaper article for discussion. They talk about what is going on with the Club. Members are encouraged to bring friends to spread the work about what they do.  

 Mona was introduced to Rotary by her Uncle who is a Rotarian in Seattle. When she was in Grade 9 she heard an announcement at school about the Interact club and decided to join. Last fall she went to the UN for Rotary Day and told us she had an amazing time and how well the trip was organised.

We are all welcome to attend the Interact meetings.