The Mississauga City Centre Interact club was formed in November 2008 with 10 members. This year's President, and our speaker, Joanna Pitsounis was one of those members. Most of the original 10 members graduated at the end of the school year, however word spread about this great organisation and they currently have 18 members.

During the past year they have had many guest speakers, attended the conference and have been involved in fund-raising.


As they were new, they visited each class and told the students about Interact and that they were trying to raised money for bedkits for Sleeping Children Around the World.  The students and staff became involved with students donating money, teachers fining those late to class and donating the money. In 2 1/2 weeks they raised $1,950 and purchased 67 bed kits. Joanna bought photos of the children with their bedkits for us to see.

Interact clubs need to become involved in 1 local and 1 international project per year. They helped with the Ribfest as their local project.

This year they are raising funds for Doctors without Borders and have several fundraising ideas, including having their music group Gamma, busk, and roasting and selling S'mores. They will also be participating in S.O.A.R (Students helping orphans in Africa with relief).

The school has a Green Team and they are thinking of joining with that team and working on local wildlife projects - particularly with respect to Giant Hogweed.

There are 16 active Interact clubs in our District. Joanna invited us all to attend their meetings - each Tuesday at 3.15 for 45 minutes to an hour.

A wonderful speaker who makes Rotary proud to be involved with youth.