Our speaker this week was one of our own members- Brian Suliman. Prior to the onslaught of Social Media in the past cople of years, internet base media was simple -

1) I put up a website and you read it,

2) I send you and e-mail, you read it and reply.

This was unidirectional interaction. Now, not only can we access information from anywhere thanks to such things as the BlackBerry, Smartphones and iPhones etc,  but we can also interract through comments and  messaging.


Having listened to some of us complain that we do not know enough about Facebook, Brian gave us a wonderful presentation on the site.He showed us how to make sure our information is secure and how to remove those pesky ads that are on the side of the page.

For anyone who was not in attendance, Brian will e-mail you the presentation if you ask.

Thanks Brian for helping us better understand this website, and ensuring our information is only seen by those we want to see it.