Our speaker this week was our friend and fellow Rotarian, Adel Asterbadi who came to talk to us about his company Doxess, and the ClubRunner program.



The internet was created in 1967 but was a very simple text server. In the late 80s/early 90s companies discovered that with HTML you could present information about your company and could promote your business.

In 1995 the late David Golding asked Adel to put together a website for the Dixie club. At the same time, a group of people in Guelph were working on a district website.

It was clear to Adel that this was not enough. In his business he was creating content management software for banks and insurance companies. To create a website you need to have some understanding of:

1. how to compose the contents

2. need some publishing flair

3.need to be able to write the contents and

4. need to know how to transport the information.

Adel decided to build around the content management software and in 2001 created a prototype. Our own Janet Coates was the first one to use this, and when she became District Governor she and Adel created the District site.

In 2003, with the assistance of his daughters Sarah and Halle, Adel submitted this project to Microsoft who had an annual contest. They were invited to an awards gala as one of the top 3 entries and found their project had come in at  #1. They were awarded $10,000 to be given to a charity of their choice.  Of course the Rotary Foundation benefitted greatly from the prize!

In the first year there were 50 Clubs on board. They now have several zones, and thousands of Rotary clubs and districts using the software. The software has also been transported into other areas such as associations, Chambers of Commerce and churches.

Technology is ever changing and the program is constantly being updated. The newest plans are for the program to be translated into French, Spanish and Portuguese to name a few.

Adel was thanked by Keith Wong.

For more information about Adel and his company. got to www.doxess.com