Our newest member, Julian, told us more about himself. He said he had written this talk several times, but ended up writing notes on a napkin during dinner!

Person he would have liked to  meet - Pope Joh Paul 1. Although he lived only 33 days as Pope, John Paul 1 was willing to allow the contraceptive pill to be taken & wanted to sell the Vatican. He also referred to God as "she".  No-one expected John Paul to become Pope and they did not have a cassock in his size .

Favourite colour -  Purple

Favoutire movie - Lawrence of Arabia

Julian has always been fascinated with learning and now has his Masters. The 2 things he has learned are - be productive, not perfect; and do not excel at  just one thing, be good in many things.

Julians has spent 10 years in the Addiction field. He has also worked with battered women and says emotional abuse has more scars than physical abuse. He is now with Community Care and has learned that Seniors value their independence more than anything.

Julian used to write poetry and skits when he was young. After he got his Masters he started writing research. He tells us research is good but only 7 people read your work! Julian has written a book of short stories which took 2 years to write. 

Julian came to Canada 11 years ago and was surprised at how dirty the snow was. He comes from India and had only seen snow in movies or on TV and it is always pure white. His wife Michelle is a teacher. His mother is still in India but he has cousins in Canada.

We are thrilled to have Julian as a member of our club and are happy to have learned more about him.