Once again, one of our own members enthralled us with the story of their life.

Dale was born in Surry, England and moved to Montreal with her parents when she was just 6 months old. One of her parents was English, the other Canadian.

Dale's father owned his own business, her mother was an artist. After the death of her father, when she was 14, her family moved back to England. She finished her education in England, including a Finishing School. She attended the University of London and has a degree in Pharmacy.


Dale was a pharmacist for 10 years and whilst on a 1-year sabbatical a friend talked her into banking. Dale has been with the Royal Bank for 32 years, working her way through many of the positions from a teller up to a Senior Commercial Account Manager, which has been her job for the past 16 years. A year ago her position was eliminated and she now trains account managers who need help.  She loves her work and her clients. She has not always given clients the news they wanted to hear, but she has helped many keep and build their businesses. She has had only 3 bad loans in her career. She talked at length of the changes in Canadian banking, both good and bad, and how, when she joined the bank, women were almost 2nd class citizens.  She was not allowed to join the pension plan because she was a woman and was turned down for a position for the same reason.

Unfortunately Dale's mom passed away a few years ago, but she has 2 brothers, Jim (who many of us have met) and Ray.

Dale has only 32 months left to retirement - not that she's counting!

Thanks Dale, for letting us into your life and letting us get to  know you better. Don't forget Janet's offer to come and sort out the bank if you encounter any more sexist issues!