Louise introduced our guest speaker, Hilda Rossi, President of Rotary Club of Mississauga Airport.  Hilda is also the co-founder of CCAMRE (Canadaian Central American Relief Effort). Hilda is a Paul Harris Fellow and in 2008, Hilda was named one of ten most influential Hispanic Canadians.

Hilda is number 13 in a family of 14 children born in Guatemala.  She came to Canada at the age of 18 to learn English.  That was her goal, but her dream was to help the people in the mountains of Guatemala, the Mayan Chorti. Hilda believes that every person has a calling; hers came in 1998.  Hurricane Mitch caused great devastation in Central America. Hilda travelled to her birth country and witnessed the aftermath of this horrible natural disaster.  And CCAMRE was born.


CCAMRE’s mandate has been to work on health, education, reconstruction and community development initiatives, leading toward a self-sustainable community. Hilda told us of dental clinics that have occurred with a dentist from Hamilton who has provided  his services on six separate visits. Schools have been built, health clinics established.  Sewing classes have been given in a sewing centre so that the women would be able to sew clothing for the inhabitants.

Most houses are made of sticks, most with grass roves. There are usually only one or 2 rooms in each house, with an open fire or earthen oven. Some have water, through ¾” pipe running across the floor, the water is not safe to drink. Beds are on the floor.

They support thirty students through scholarships. Education is the key to help the people improve their living conditions. It costs $350 per year to support as student in post secondary education.

The greatest needs are to find a way to provide clean water, increase the number of students supported by scholarships and improve nutrition.

Cindy thanked our speaker for a very moving and informative presentation.

Linda performed the duties of Sargent-at-Arms, collecting happy bucks from everyone in attendance. Our 50-50 draw resulted in a prize of $37.50 won by one of our guests, Rosalina.


Visiting Rotarians:
Hilda Rossi, President, Rotary Club, Mississauga Airport - also our guest speaker
Diamond Ratansi, Past President, Rotary Club, Mississauga Airport
Julie Cordsco, Rotary Club of Burlington North
Mira Leverona, Rotary Club, Mississauga Airport

Andy McCormack, CCAMRE
Rosalina Debiasi, CCAMRE

Dale Reilly presided over the meeting, as our President was away.

Louise made announcement about upcoming meetings and speakers.

The Board of Directors meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday, January 11, 2011 has been postponed until Tuesday, January 18, 2011. The meeting will be held at Halle's office at 6:00 PM.

Louise reported on her attendance at the Camp Enterprise Organizing Committee meeting, held on December 15, 2010.
 - Business card advertisements are offered in the Camp Enterprise Program at $100.00 per card. The source of revenue helps to supplement the cost of the entire program.   Louise is asking club members to consider taking a business card ad in the program, if possible.
 - The dates of this year's Camp are May 4 to May 7.
 - Cost to sponsor a student remains at $300.00.
 - The organizing committee is requesting items that could be used as giveaways. Each student receives a backpack and items are needed to go into the packs. When considering donations of items, remember that 80 of each is requested.  Please let Louise know if you have anything that could be used for the backpacks.

The next MacGragor's Meat fundraiser is approaching soon.  More information will be provided at the next club meeting.