Our speaker was Doug Gerrard.  Doug has been a rotarian for 32 years and has been involved in Camp Enterprise for 17 years.

Camp Enterprise was started 30 years ago in Chicago. It is intended to introduce high school students to business and entrepreneurship. 

Our Camp has 80 students. We do not necessarily want the highest achievers as they probably already have business knowledge. We want the next level of students. 


This year's Camp runs from May 4th to the 7th.  The first speaker, on the Wednesday night, is Taylor Parnaby of CFRB fame.

Other speakers talk about salesmanship, team building, labour negotiations, money management and being an entrepreneur.

The students are divided into teams and build a business plan. These plans are then presented to a panel of Rotarians who offer constructive criticism and advice.

At Camp Enterprise there are two Rotary meetings - on the Thursday and Friday nights. All members are invited to attend these meetings .