Our speakers this week were Amara Hakak and Bijaya Thapa, the two students from Applewood Secondary school, who were sponsored for Camp Enterprise by our club. They were told about Camp Enterprise by their business teacher.

Both Amara and Bijaya spoke of the quality of the speakers, how interesting and informative they were. Some of the quotes they particularly remembered  are-

Taylor Parmaby - there are no such things as stupid questions & nothing stops you from achieving your goals

Tom Barker - everyone is on the team and you should listen to everyone's opinion

Jim Kitchen made a great impression when he spoke about the Power of Affirmation and James Nori influenced many of the students there to stop downloading music from the Internet ( Amara says she isn't quite there yet!). 

They miss being woken up by the "flashlight people" at 7am, both took lots of photos and wanted the Camp to last longer. They made many new friends and Amara says her facebook friends list has increased by 50 thanks to Camp Enterprise.

It was Bijaya's first time away from home and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

They were both very grateful to the club for sponsoring them and Amara had put together a lovely slideshow of her photos to the song "Time of my Life".