Posted by Phyllis Grier on Nov 21, 2017
Regular Meeting - November 13, 2017
Members in attendance – Doug, Jason, Phyllis, Vikash, Jonathan, Tom, Louise and Archie
Members via online attendance - Madiha, Sarah and Dale

Guests - PDG John Stairs
President's Message

At the District 7080 Membership Summit this past Saturday, Jason and I learned about the current state of Rotary membership numbers worldwide. Asia, India, Philippines and Africa have seen some recent gains, while Europe and North America are witnessing steady declines. Overall membership has been in decline since the early 1990's peak. The main reasons for this is likely the ongoing loss of older Rotarians, as well as globalization. As society becomes more nomadic internationally, potential new members in the developed world tend not to set down roots, as populations once did. Add to this our current extremely hectic work schedules, major changes in family structure, and a workplace that is no longer long term in nature. All of these factors create an environment where the ethic of volunteerism becomes harder to maintain. 

With these facts clearly in mind, what can we, as current Rotarians, do to stem the tide? We have to be flexible.. We have to entertain new ideas.. We have to stray from the status quo.. . Some good examples are Dixie's bi-weekly meeting structure, and Jason's recent addition of online meeting technology. We should also encourage new members to put forward their ideas, to get them engaged early on. We should encourage and be receptive to any new initiatives. Our work should also be enjoyable.

Dixie is already a fun club, so this is not at issue. I think we already excel on most of these points, and we are on a good track. The main message from this summit was..

  • Rotary still matters
  • Our passion about Rotary, and hand on projects, help members join and stay - not meeting agenda.
  • Giving matters more than getting, so get all members involved in projects, as this is what gives them personal value and meaning.
  • We usually join rotary for one reason { i.e.: networking, local and international impact}, and stay for other reasons {i.e. fellowship, personal satisfaction / club exceeds expectations, realize we can really make a difference}. It is our job to ask new members their expectations,  and to help them find their reason for staying, through mentorship.
  • The number one reason why members join is because they were asked. So ask!
  • New members want to be involved in projects, so do "STUFF"
  • Try to expand through the networks of newer members, as our old networks may be exhausted.
  • Although we do have a big impact, not many know about Rotary - so don't be shy to "SHOUT OUT" about Rotary.
These are just a few ideas to help our club continue to succeed going forward.
As PDG Ian Ferguson offered.. "Lets shrink the rearview mirror, and broaden the front windshield"
See everyone at our next meeting!
Take care..
Doug Higgins
President, 2017-18
Speakers - John Stairs
Past District Governor John Stairs started his career as an Investment Professional in 1969, in 2019 he will celebrate 50 years in the business.
In the spring of 2007, Past RI President Wilf Wilkinson and Past RI Vice President Bob Scott invited John to serve on the Investment Committee, advising the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation on finances. John gave us an in depth look into the investments over the years, including the market collapse in 2008 and 2009. Through the proper handling of the investments, the Rotary Foundation has been able to fund a large portion on programs and projects as well as retain a healthy reserve.
Thank you John for coming to explain how Rotary funds are managed at RI.

Club Speaker Duties
Phyllis  December 11
Phyllis  January 08 and 22
Archie  February 12 and 26
Sandy  March 12 and 26
Sarah  April 09 and 23
Louise  May 14 and 28
Doug  June 11 and 25

Please advise Phyllis when you have secured your speaker

Announcements & Happenings
1) Happy Dates for October-
Birthday greetings to Doug (Nov 18), Laurie (Nov 24) and Greg (Nov 25)

2) Salvation Army Kettles - Louise has confirmed 10 evenings at Square One and has sent out schedules to all members. Please remember your shift and take a photo and send to Phyllis to post on our Facebook page.

3) Upcoming Dates - 
a) Harbourtown Sound Concert-- November 26 at Burlington Performing Arts Centre at 2PM. Tickets will be held at "Will Call" at the venue.
b) Fundscrip-- All orders and cheques must be given to Louise by November 27 meeting or before.
c) Dictionaries -- Four of the five schools have now responded, Sarah will arrange a date to deliver to the schools, please let her know if you can join her.
d) Food Bank -- will target donation for Christmas or Easter, perhaps give funding so they can purchase what is needed.
e) ShoeBox Project -- scheduled for January 3-8, 2018. Louise advised more volunteers are needed for the trip to Nogales Mexico, please let her know if you are interested. Our club has donated $1000 to the project.

4) Club Christmas Party - Confirmed for Saturday December 16 at Tom & Shirley's home. Cost is $15 for entrée and cake, members to bring a potluck dish and your own drinks. Phyllis will have list to sign up at next meeting.
5) Line Dance - Confirmed for Friday April 6, tickets are now available to sell. Please start collecting silent auction items, we are hoping for at least 60 quality items.
6) Online Meeting - Jason has arranged for Google Hangout so you can join our meeting if you cannot physically attend. The directions to sign on is on our website, at the bottom right hand corner under Home Page Download Files. Please email Jason if you have trouble signing in.

7) Attendance Requirement Reminder – Each member shall maintain 75% of meeting during the Rotary Year, July 1-June 30 (18 meetings). 50% of the meetings must be at the home Club in each of the first and second six month periods in the Rotary Year. Please remember to advise Sandy if you have done a Make-Up 14 days prior to or following a missed meeting.


Next Meeting, November 27, 2017 
Jayrani Bungsy on Recyling -An Environmental Success
Please join us and bring a friend