Regular Meeting - December 12, 2016
Members in attendance – Sandy, Phyllis, Louise, Jason, Doug, Jonathan and Archie.

Guests - Brian Suliman and speaker David Wojcik
President's Message
I'm not and likely never will be an entrepreneur.  So I was probably an unlikely but attentive listener to this week’s speaker, David Wojcik.  As the CEO of the Mississauga Board of Trade, David did an admirable job speaking not just to the challenges and issues that his organization faces but addressed a couple of the challenges that both our organizations face - membership and delivering value.  I've focused on membership previously, but value is definitely top of mind.

In business and even in my personal life, I struggle with broad and poorly defined discussions of value.  Real monetary value is an equation that is relatively straight forward.  But perceived or intangible value seems much more personal.  How do David or I ensure we're delivering value to our clubs and members?  There's tangible value for our community and more broadly the world and Rotary International has great material to document the value we collectively add.  But a brief conversation at the end of the meeting and summarizing my thoughts this evening leaves me asking questions of myself and I pose to each of you; how am I adding value to the things I profess are important to me?  Would someone measure what I've done or do and say that I'm generating value?  What can I do if I'm not adding enough value?

It was nice to see a past member (Brian) at tonight's meeting.  He was an active participant in the meeting and while I wasn't a member when he was with the club, it's easy to see how he'd fit within the club.

We have no meeting on the 26th.  We next meet on January 9, 2017 for a club assembly.

I hope I've got my value proposition to the point I can communicate and deliver by then.

Have a safe, happy and memorable holiday and a Merry Christmas.

President 2016-17

Speaker - David Wojcik

We were so pleased to welcome back a former Rotarian and good friend David Wojcik to our meeting this week.

David is a seasoned business professional and has focused on entrepreneurship from a very early age. When I first met David 20 some years ago, he was already an owner of his own restaurant and banquet hall.

Over the years, David was the CEO of EKNA Production House, the executive producer and host of BiZ TV Canada, former host and community producer of Rogers TV In-Business television show featuring over 1200 guests and at present, the CEO of the Mississauga Board of Trade.

Recently, David even competed in the Mississauga Dancing with the Stars and raised over $11,000 for the Community Foundation of Mississauga.

In his presentation, David compared the challenges of recruiting members, both at the Board of Trade and in Rotary, and shared his vision of working with the youth of tomorrow. It was a very fresh and interesting concept, certainly parallels with Rotary’s focus on Rotaract, Interact and Youth Exchange programs for new blood and ideas.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come speak to us, it was great to see you again, and all the best to you in your new position.

3) Salvation Army Kettles - We have completed our 9 night commitment to mind the kettles at Square One this year. Sarah and Daniel braved the snow storm and 2 hour journey on Thursday night to almost get there when their shift was cancelled. Thank you everybody for helping out, especially Louise for working a few extra shifts.

4) Membership Drive - We are in need of new membership in our club, every member please go through your friends and acquaintances and invite a guest to our meeting. Let's work together starting in January to help our club grow!!

5) Attendance Requirement Reminder – Each member shall maintain 75% of meeting during the Rotary Year, July 1-June 30 (18 meetings). 50% of the meetings must be at the home Club in each of the first and second six month periods in the Rotary Year. Please remember to advise the secretary if you have done a Make-Up 14 days prior to or following a missed meeting.



Next Meeting, January 9, 2017

Club Assembly