Mary Ann Matthews has been a certified Grapho Analyst since 1994.  She does presentations, TV and teaches introductory and advanced classes.

Mary Ann displayed a series of handwriting samples marked A and B. For the first sample she asked which person we thought would make the best Rotarian (handwriting samples were from Paris Hilton (a)  and Prince Charles (b)). Strangely enough most of the guys chose A even though the writers were unknown at the time! She did the same asking who would make the best babysitter (Carla Homulka was one of the samples), who would you trust most, who would be more fun at a party and who would be more suited to a conventional job.

Mary Ann then handed out clipboards with 3 pieces of paper attached and asked us to write 3 or 4 sentences and sign our names 3 times. When the first page was turned over she asked us to run our hands over the writing to determine the amount of pressure. Heavy pressure writers are likely to be full of energy and they think the light pressure writers are lazy. Heavy pressure writers can have good memories and can take things like hurts, happiness to the grave. They take more time to get over things.

Mary Ann then talked about the size of a person's writing. Very large writers will often be accused of having eyes in the back of their heads, can program more than one conversation at a time and have a tendency to be easily distracted.

The slant of a persons writing has nothing to do with whether they are right or left handed. A person whose writing slants foreward is an extrovert and has good "gut feelings". Someone whose writing is vertical is a good blend of head and heart and has lots of poise.

Your signature is never the same twice. This is your public persona. If you underline your name in your signature you want others to know you are self-reliant. If the capital letter in your first  name is larger than in your last name you are telling everyone you have your own identity. If the capital letter in your last name is larger you may be showing you are part of a family business where your last name is really important.

Mary Ann gave a couple of stories showing how a person's handwriting can show exactly what kind of person they are. She calls handwriting, brain writing - saying you can't fool your brain no matter how hard you try.

That trail of ink that we leave behind as our pen travels across the page tells our story.