Our speaker today was Paul Lewis, Massage Therapist.

Paul is a graduate of York University.  He has travelled widely and whilst in Japan for 8 years he attended a couple of Rotary meetings.

He has worked with spinal cord injury patients, the elderly, post partum patients, and in a sports specialty clinic.

A RMT studies for 2-3 years  and is regulated. A masseuse is not registered , gives more asthetic massages and cannot give tax receipts or bill insurance companies. Paul explained the different types of massages to us, he specialises in Swedish massage. Prior to treating a patient he takes them through a thorough assessment and tries to ensure the patient returns as little as possible.  Paul works with both a table and chair and is available from 6.30am to 10pm for appointments.

Paul is very involved in fundraising for many charities. He offers massages  at $1 per minute at charity events. The average massage at these events is 10 minutes.

He has a DVD coming out in 1-2 weeks which will be released in 7 languages.

Paul set up his massage chair and asked for a volunteer. Our very stresed Janet Coates was eager to sit in the chair and "suffer" a few minutes massage.

Paul was thanked by Linda.