Our speaker was our own Jonathan Odd. Jonathan is married to  Alexis who is a business analyst with TD Bank and who is currently working on her degree.  They have 3 beautiful girls - Loren, Twyla and Dallas. Loren is presently working in France as an Au Pair, Twyla is in Brazil as a  Rotary Exchange student.

Jonathan has a degree in Political Science from Western University, although some of his university studying was done at York.

He had his own business at one time which unfortunately did  not work out, however he repaid everyone who had an interest in it rather than declare bankruptcy and have them lose their money.


Jonathan has worked for  Kaman Industrial Technologies, a supplier of power transmission components, products and services for the past 15 years. They supply over 1 million items, including bearings, motors, drives and speed reducers through a network of nearly 200 branches and distribution centres throughout Canada and the USA.  They serve companies of all sizes, from the very small to the likes of Proctor  & Gamble and Campbells.

Jonathan is responsible for sourcing new business, but he is also able to show a company how to save energy and reduce emissions. In many places, energy savings are  becoming tradeable tax credits.  His company can also do air system analyses for compressed air, saving huge amounts of money for large plants.

Kaman has an aerospace division and, the next time you see the Canadarm on the shuttle, if you look very, very close you may see Jonathan's initials on one of the parts!!  When his customer came in to pick up the part, he told Jonathan it was for the arm so he engraved his initials on the part.

Jonathan says he also has to deal with many 'imagineers' - people who come up with an idea and go to him for the parts to build thier idea. Most of these people are just dreamers.

Jonathan brought along gifts for us all - you had to be there to get one and even know what they were!

Thanks Jonathan for letting us know more about one of our newest Rotarians. A great presentation with lots of humour. We are thrilled you decided to join our club.